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Poetry Editor Gill Ward says ‘What a wonderful place Wellington is for literature and culture – up there with Wellywood I think.

A range of events started on 8 – 11 Nov: LitCrawl consisted of the Saturday night Lit Crawl and a four day Extended series of extra events. 

There have been many workshops, readings, interviews.

Out here, our next Poets to the People, High Tide Café, Marine Parade, Paraparaumu, November 25, is our last one for 2018.

We always try and make this a bit festive with spot prizes and nibbles. So hopefully we’ll have lots of people there for a sort of farewell to 2018 Poets to the People –- not farewell to poetry though!

Surprise poet

We have a surprise guest poet this time. Our guest poet for November is the happy return of Richard Langston who was unable to be here last month owing to a family bereavement. We sent him our sincere condolences. Fiona Farrell has to be on Stewart Island on  Monday 26th so timewise it is a bit tight for her. But Fiona will be our guest next year.

So there is a poet you will appreciate, guaranteed!

I liked this quote because it’s about lots of us, and especially me:

I have piles of poetry books in the bathroom, on the stairs, everywhere. The only way to write poetry is to read it. (Carol Ann Duffy)

A bit of one of my bookcases (see pic) —

I’m too scared to show you any of the others because we are a house of books. But you can see it’s a working bookcase; both those top four rows are NZ poetry books. Then there are those poetry books in my study, in boxes, stacked under coffee tables. And we’ll say nothing of the other several (many several) bookcases.

But how lovely to be able to put your hand on a poem whenever you feel like it. I recommend. Reading other people’s poetry is stimulating even if you don’t particularly like a poem there are always more to discover. This is apart from all the books on other subjects in my house I might add.

Nicola Easthope’s launch

Nicola Easthope is launching her poetry book Working the Tang (Cuba Press) on Sunday November 25 at the Kapiti Boating Club at 10.30 am, which is also Poets to the People day so you could have a real poetry binge that day. If you would like to be there email your acceptance to

RSVP@THECUBAPRESS.NZ   (email is all caps but it works). Nicola is a friend of many of us in Kapiti and this is her second book.  She will be our guest poet in February 2019.

Lately I’ve been admiring tiny poems. Jennifer Compton, who lives now in Sydney and will be a guest poet sometime next year, is wonderful at this form. It’s very hard to do. Here’s one of her ‘little ‘poems:

In The Polio Ward

A child in splendid isolation

sitting on her white bed

saw the day moving slowly

and the night come down

she learned to love

doing nothing

and how to be alone.


Saying so much in such few words. It’s a skill and a gift.

Everyone has a different opinion of what poetry is and what is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ poetry but I must say this made me laugh!

‘I’ve read some of your modern free verse and wonder who set it free.’ (John Barrymore).

KIN Poetry Competiton

Don’t forget the KIN Poetry Competition. There is a big prize!
Entries close at the end of the month.
Details will be posted later today on the KIN site — <kapitiindependentnews.net.nz>

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