Poetry Prize Presented


 Poet Judith Holloway, Editor Alan Tristram, winner Sue Byford, Kaye Clarke of PaperPlus, Hilary Wooding, and Gill Ward outside Coastlands PaperPlus


KIN’s third major poetry prize has been awarded to Paraparaumu poet Sue Byford for her poem ‘Pohutukawa.’

The prize comprised $50 of book tokens from KIN and a PaperPlus present of a

‘Book of the Month.’

‘Writing poetry for as long as I can remember’

Sue  says: “I have been writing poetry for as long as I can remember, from my time at junior school.  Now my writings seem to fall into categories: the UK, NZ, friends and family, this and that, protest and politics.”

Sue came to NZ  from  Cheshire in the UK in 1966 after a two and a-half years stint in Australia.  She married a New Zealander in Cairns, Australia,  and then they moved to New  Zealand.

In 2017, she won the District Libraries Annual Poetry Competition.  She says: “The style was ‘Haiku’, and I really enjoyed developing this new form of writing.”

Summing up, Sue  adds: “Poetry is the most concise way of expression in relating stories.  I’ve mostly found beauty in poetry, it speaks to my heart when reading it, and is (mostly) a release to my heart when I write it.”


Sue Byford’s  winning Poem, ‘Pohutukawa’



flowers blaze brilliantly

but not in Paradise.



lies blood red in the gutters

but not in Yemen



a seasonal messenger

of how blessed we are.


Thank you, Sue. This is so lean, yet very powerful. Yes, we are blessed to see such penetrating significance in the world immediately around us.

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