Poetry Prize Presented at PaperPlus


(l to r) Rob and Kaye Clarke, Gill Ward, Sue Jamieson, Alan Tristram, Hilary Wooding

The Kapiti Independent’s first poetry prize worth some $85 has been presented at a ceremony in Coastlands PaperPlus.

Editor Alan Tristram presented $50 worth of book tokens and a ‘Book of the  Month’ (from C/Lands PaperPlus) to Sue Jamieson, who was representing the winner Cherllisha Silva.

Cherllisha’s winning poem ‘The Western Link’ appeared in KIN  on August 12.

The Editor says the standard of entries was high and the competition will now become a regular bi-monthly event.

KIN thanks Kaye and Rob Clarke, poets Gill Ward and Sue Jamieson, and Hilary Wooding (former KCDC councillor and  Head Librarian) for their support.











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