Poetry Corner With Gill Ward

Poetry Editor Gill Ward says ‘Greetings from an appreciative inhabitant of a pretty good place on the planet!’

High time to talk about poetry once more. 

If anyone else subscribes to Paula Green’s ‘poetry shelf’ site you will probably agree with me that she must be a woman who never sleeps.

The internet is stuffed with wonderful reading about all forms of literature.

So useful for ‘finding out’.

‘Check what they look like’

I wonder if other people are like me when reading a biography or poems/fiction by people who interest them –  pick up their phone, embrace the world of Google images and check out what people look like?

Or find out more about the author (maybe see if they are still alive?) Sometimes (ok, nearly always) technology is wonderful!

Another lovely activity in our area is visiting the little free libraries around the district.

I try and contribute books and when I do I always come away with a treasure. So much for downsizing… 

Wonderful New Yorker and London Review of Books

Recently I need to thank the person who contributed some New Yorkers – oh joy – and London review of books.

I also picked up Son and Lover, The Young D. H .Lawrence by Philip Callow. I’m loving it.

And to the people who share their books in these free libraries, be assured they go off to an eager selection of readers after I have read them. Thanks everyone.

Lynn Jenner and Peat

I have enjoyed Lynn Jenner’s book, Peat. This is an intriguing account of the Kapiti Expressway accompanied by a ‘companion writer’, the late Charles Brasch.

Lynn Jenner

Jenner saw echoes in Brasch’s poetry which she identified with her own way of thinking and living.

His respect for the land and his way of being in one place’ listening for the stir of life.’

She did not want to put words in Brasch’s mouth but did ‘imagine his ten commandments’ which made me think of the way I think of Brasch!

I particularly loved the first part of the book where Jenner talks about the information booth in Coastlands Mall where she describes the layers of peat, sand, gravel and greywacke. I did so wish I had examined that exhibit more closely.

The ‘glossary of her acquaintance with Charles Brasch’ at the end of the book made me too feel he was a companion. Thanks Lynn!

Collected Poems by Fleur Adcock

I have had a blessing bestowed on me in the form of a gift which should arrive in the post soon. The book is Collected Poems by Fleur Adcock (Victoria University Press). These are Adcock’s poems over 6o years. What a treat! I revisited the interview in a recent Listener with her which you can find online.

Our next session of Poets to the People is in November, as October 27 coincides with Labour weekend so we will not have it then.

Mary Jane Duffy will be our November guest,  our last for the year. Sad to say Mary Jane is losing her job (along with many others) in the Creative Writing Diploma course. at Whitireia. 

Mandy Hager

A very important announcement now – Mandy Hager, well known award winning author of children’s, young adults, adults, and nonfiction educational books, has been appointed President of the New Zealand Society of Authors.

Congratulations Mandy and we love it that you are keeping the literary flag flying for Kapiti.

Words are all we have. Samuel Beckett


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