Poetry Competition Starts Now

The Kapiti Independent has received  the first entry  in its third major  poetry contest.

Other Poets in Kapiti or Horowhenua can now compete to win the major KIN poetry prize for Xmas  — worth $50 in Paper Plus tokens and a best-selling book.

The competition is being run with Coastlands Paper Plus: So the book tokens will be redeemable there — and owners Kay and Rob Clarke say they will also donate a best-selling ‘Book of the Month’.


Contest requirements


  • Poems should be short (no more than 20 lines) and be previously unpublished.


  • Poets from the Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua are eligible.


  • The winning poems — and some of the runners-up from time to time —  will be published in KIN.


  • The winner will be selected by our in-house literary panel of three.


Poems should be on an attachment. But do not put your name on your poem. This ensures judges do not know whose poem they are judging.


The Editor says: ‘We’re fortunate to have such a galaxy of poets on the Coast.


‘And KIN is committed to bringing the best poetry, and writing in general, to its readers.


‘And  the new competition will play a part in helping Kapiti literature to flourish.’


An added bonus

And the Kapiti Independent, Alan says, is fortunate to have on its staff a woman who deserves the title ‘Poet Laureate of the Coast — Gill Ward.

He adds: ‘Gill is the founder of ‘Poets to the People,’  a unique Kapiti Coast institution which has done a huge amount to foster poetry in the region.

For more poetry news, keep reading the Kapiti Independent.

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