Poem of the Week: Verses of Love

The May sonnet: remembering a loved one

By Julie Leibrich

I wanted to write a poem for Doug’s birthday in February.

It was difficult because I wanted to write a love poem yet also acknowledge the thought I sometimes have – what if we had met when we were both young?

Would we have had children together? Where would we be now?




Quite late, these tapestries of ours combined.

The past, by then, already in its frame.

Quite late, these silver threads of ours entwined,

when innocence was far too old to claim.


What if we’d met when we were both still young,

before the warp and weft were firmly fixed?

What if we’d met before the loom was strung,

the pattern sketched, the colours so well mixed?


I’ve loved you in a thousand different shades.

I’ve lost you, found you, run away, run back.

If love were simple it could not persuade

such rainbows to cascade from white and black.


Our past is woven tight. The future’s clear.

It’s only now that matters. With you, here.


Julie Leibrich