Poem of the Week: Is this How We Want Our Lives to End?

‘Towards Oblivion,’ by Maran Larvik.

My lovely dear –

as we sit here,

our hands entwined,

your gaze is blank,

for the first time

does not meet mine.


You murmur croakily:

‘day by day

‘day after day

‘sweet girl

‘day by day’….

Over and over.


Somewhere in space –

far from grace,

far from the past,

from love and laughter,

from You, Me, Us,

from Ever After…


You are drowning

in an ocean of opiates

delivered by specialists

in the craftiness of ‘care’

on behalf of capitalists.


You turn your head.

Etched like a Roman coin

on the royal blue blanket,

your Caesar profile

is heart-breakingly handsome,


Your hazel eyes

search my face.


with flickers of panic,

bewilderment, hurt.


Your boxer’s fist

tightens on my hands,

our bones crunching



I see you wondering

If you can trust me.

Was it, after all,

I who abandoned you here

in this nonsensical place?


I shake my head,


You understand.

You cup my hand

around your lips,




we must bear

this slow flight

into oblivion.




Maran Larvig (31.1.2019)

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