Poem of the Week: Beachcombing

Raumati Beach

Getting to the essence of things

Jean Lonie lived in Raumati in her later years.

She had been a teacher for many years at the Correspondence School, but was a writer of poetry throughout much of her adult life.

Many Kapiti folk will be able to  identify with Beachcombing.






Along Raumati Beach

I gather pumice

In honour of my mother

And her sisters

Forever scouring soot

From pot or

Frying pan.


Peggy and I follow,

More or less,

The drift-line.

She, true to her purpose,

Fills blue plastic bag with

Plastic rubbish.

I, lifting a shell, see flesh,


Spiralling into its cavity.

To throw it seaward I turn

And there, a cut-out

Green to  black stands



Jean Lonie





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