Poem of the Fortnight: QE Park

Delightful poetry

Introduced by Gill Ward who will send us a poem every fortnght.

Here’s a poem by Jane from her book A Year on the Kapiti Line & Other Poems. Publish in America, Red Dragonfly Press 2016.

Jane has been delighting us with her poetry at Poets to the People for over 8 years.

Gill will send us a poem every fortnight.


Queen Elizabeth Park

Jane Graham George


Nihilists believe in nothing

materialists in things that have no meaning.


I believe in the cool air which rises

between the dunes before sunrise,

touches my face on the brightest summer day

like Jordan water from the boatman’s oar,

like dust from the night Mojave.


It awakens me, the single

repeating note of a mourning tui,

this same sound throughout the years,

live now, the season passes,

inhale before I sleep

the perfume of the cabbage tree and lupine,

stride through the warm shallows

on my way to the embracing deep.






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