Photographs Stolen



By Graeme Trask
17th December 2009

A computer technician who worked in his Margaret Road shop at Raumati Beach,and had access to family computers,is alleged to have stolen photographs of children and added them to his vast collection of library images to supply an international network of paedophiles.

The technician,Ian Mead,ran a computer shop at Raumati Beach until late this year when police investigators found photographs of children they recognised he had stolen from computers which were being repaired in his shop.

The Police had received information from overseas about Mr Mead and then acted on this immediately.

Mr Mead was arrested at Auckland airport on November 23.

He was granted bail on December 1, However he was arrested again in Havelock North — where he had been staying — for breaching his bail conditions.

One of the conditions was that he was not to have contact with anyone under the age of 16 years except his own children.

This meant that his children could not bring their friends home.

Another condition was that all electronic devices in the house that had, or were able to have, access to the internet should be taken away.

This included his Japanese wife’s computer. which she used to run a website business from home.

The computer was programmed in Japanese but the judge saw Mead as an opportunist who could have found a way round the language barrier.

The Judge was happy for the wife to keep the computer — as long as it could be proved that Mead could not access it.

It was stated that Mead’s children were aware that he would eventually be going away, but they didn’t know why.

The case has been set down for December 22, when Meads will appear in court at Porirua.