Peter Pan Is Great Entertainment

Family fun at the Circa Pantomime

By Roger Childs

The Wellington show has plenty of action and humour for all ages.

In the tradition of pantos around the world, there are heaps of local jokes, and not surprisingly, the politicians come in for a fair amount of lampoonery.

The talented cast of eight, some playing multiple parts, do a great job and there are no weak links. They are all beautifully costumed, dance and sing superbly, and the traditional over-the-top acting provides plenty of excitement. Director Susan Wilson keeps the show moving at a fast pace, and there is an entertaining mix of music, choreography and dialogue.

The show is on until December 23 and then resumes in the New Year from January 2 to 13. Go see with the young ones.

Leading from the front

Jeff Kingsford-Brown as Smee and Gavin Rutherford as Katie Pie. (credit: Stephen A’’Court.)

Gavin Rutherford is brilliant as Katie Pie, or whatever crust you care to mention, and interplays with the audience, especially the kids, in the classic manner. As expected there is plenty of the antiphonal Oh yes I did! Oh no….

Simon Leary hams up the Captain Hook role with menace and hilarity, and, as you can imagine, there are plenty of fairy jokes ranging from the inter-island ones to … the other sort.

The stage sets are conveniently shifted around by the cast and a frequently used boat effortlessly “paddles” backwards and forwards across Wellington harbour. Needless to say, the ticking crocodile has a bit part.

Fast paced dialogue

Simon Leary as Captain Hook with his mate Smee. (credit: Stephen A’’Court.)

You have to listen carefully to pick up all the humour, however the dynamic comedy duo of Pinky Agnew and Lorae Parry provide plenty of laughter for all ages. Better known for their political satire eg the wonderful Destination Beehives, this is their first pantomime undertaking.

It shows a little, in that there is perhaps more in the script, for the adults, than the kids. Nevertheless, all the children in our audience had a great time and took the chance to get on stage to help Tinkerbell do a Lazarus late in the show.

The show runs for 1 hour 45 and has a 15 minute intermission. Time very well spent!


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