Paul Watson Arrest

Anti-whaling Group Protests at German Embassy

By Alan Tristram

Anti-whaling campaigners protested outside the German Embassy in Wellington today to demand full freedom for the Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson.

Captain Watson, who was arrested in Frankfurt recently, is facing a threat of extradition to Costa Rica to face charges about a 2002 incident when he intervened to stop illegal shark-fin fishing.

The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society handed in a letter to the Embassy warning the Germans that Captain Watson faces danger and an unfair trial in Costa Rica., which it says is home to ‘a shark-finning mafia.’ It also hints that ‘illegal Japanese whalers’ could be involved.

When I arrived soon after 1pm a group of about 10 campaigners from the Wellington area and Porirua were protesting peacefully –and getting toots of support from passing motorists.

Their letter to the Ambassador says that if the German Justice and/or Foreign Affairs Ministries say they will not allow Captain Watson to be extradited, ‘the case would be over, and Captain Watson could be set free immediately.’

Olivia (left), her mother Allie Burns with Linda Robinson

They also say:”We believe the warrant …is politically motivated and possibly due to an incident in which Sea Shepherd uncovered an illegal shark finning operation”

Costa Rica issued the arrest warrant eight months ago reportedly on the grounds of allegations by a Costa Rica gunboat crew that Capt. Watson was trying to kill them.

The New Zealand campaigners pour cold water on this allegation — and point out that Paul Watson was able to visit New Zealand, Australia, the UK and France without being under threat of arrest.

They say:”Sea Shepherd’s efforts to monitor and publicise illegal fishing and whaling around the world are vital.

“In the face of this, some illegal fishing operations try to use international law to shut down Sea Shepherd operations.”




whales should be vacinated against humans !
Bees should be worshipped as gods !
Watson will be OK, unless he expected a functioning, fair legal system.

This guy should be left to face up for his crimes in international waters, he is a liar and a quick search on the net will show how much of a scam this guy really is…. there are many other animal welfare organisations that are actually legitimate and do actually have the right intentions. All this guy really cares about is making money.

This from Paul Watson, he understands what trash we humans are)

Last week a reporter called to ask me if I had really said that earth worms are more important than people. I answered that yes I had. He then asked how I could justify such a statement.

“Simple,” I answered. “Earthworms can live on the planet without people. We cannot live on the planet without earthworms thus from an ecological point of view, earthworms are more important than people.”

He said that I was insane for suggesting such a ridiculous idea when people were made in the image of God, and earthworms were not.

What we have here of course is a failure to communicate between two radically different world views. His which is anthropocentric and sees reality as human centred and mine which is biocentric and sees reality as including all species equally working in interdependence. He sees us as divine and better than all the other species and I see us as a bunch of arrogant primates out of control.

But that’s my two cents worth for Earth Day 2007.

Consider the humble honey bee and remember that the little black and yellow insect you see flitting busily from flower to flower is all that stands between us and our demise as a species on this planet.

We better see to it that they don’t disappear.