Paraparaumu’s Te Uruhi Gateway Is Gobbling Extra Millions, Say Leading Citizens

‘The Te Uruhi Gateway project at Paraparaumu Beach is now likely to gobble up millions of exctra dollars, despite huge public concern.’

This is the opinion of lawyer Christopher Ruthe, Kāpiti Ward Councillor Bernie Randall and Deputy Chair of the Paraparaumu/Raumati Community Board, Guy Burns.

Artist’s impression of Te Uruhi, the Gateway

Miillions of dollars will be consumed in extra costs, such as associated roadworks, they say.

“We are now in Spring. but continue to be chilled by how KCDC has approved the building of the Kapiti Gateway against public opposition, they say.

“Costs for the Gateway project are already increasing yet the project is still awaiting resource consent.

“Over $120,000 (that could have kept the Waikanae Recycling Centre open) has been spent on getting the necessary resource consent.”

Opposition in the Long Term Plan

In a special media release, the trio also say: “The Gateway continues to gobble up ratepayers money to fund its construction despite large opposition to it in the Long Term Plan community consultation document.

The majority of Councillors voted to continue with the Gateway despite it being the only item in the Long Term Plan consultation to be overwhelmingly opposed by the community.

A majority of the
Kāpiti Councillors and Mayor approved Te Uruhi

“Significant new costs continue to be incurred at ratepayer expense. Under the new resource application for the Gateway, the roundabout at the end of Kapiti Rd and feeding Manly St is to be slashed in size and 3 traffic islands created for the addition of new carparks at the Boat Club. 

$2 million extra expense

“This is likely to cost at least $2 million, one more extra expense.”

Burns, Randall and Ruthe are also worried about parking. They say “Car parking at the nearby golf course is proposed and is vital to meet KCDC’s legal obligations. It will likely require pedestrian crossings and significant traffic interruption. 

Soon the gates will close on the 19 car parks at Maclean Park so landscaping of Tikotu Stream and planting native species can take place. 

“The stream is still likely to have warning notices about pollution in the summer as water quality is not being addressed. “

They conclude: “The price for the Gateway, plus its $600,000 per year operating costs, is a price not worth paying for.”

Dear Marian Tobin, Part of the reason there is incomplete information on the “Kapiti Community Page and Kapiti Coast Group “ is because the writers of this article are sharing it to the Facebook pages and then blocking decision makers like myself from commenting on them. So you are getting as very one sided view, even on these pages. I have been trying to get this Te Urihi project back on the council decision table for a re-evaluation of the project business case, consent application hurdles and a re-prioritising of the timing of the now very delayed project since the April LTP public workshop hearings. With NO support whatsoever from the four councillors who originally voted against it in February, so have decided to go public in desperation as time is running out. It has been extremely frustrating to say the least. Especially the extent of the Facebook blocking, which is only coming to light today. Kind regards Districtwide Cr Jackie Elliott

Just another thing to depress me. Wouldn’t it be nice if our rates were presented to us as a package and we were given areas in which to allocate proportions of what we are paying ( don’t start me on the gst extra tax on a tax). Well although this is highly impractical I know it would give us some sort of voice so the council could justify their spending in every area. Someone misses out on this particular project. a lot of someones I think.

I didn’t vote for any of the Long Term Plan with three years of successive significant rate rises as the case for the timing of $75M more debt wasn’t verified and people are hurting enough right now. I didn’t think the case for the Gateway stands up anymore in the current COVID affected global economy and tried at every workshop to initiate discussion to re-prioritise it. I didn’t want the Waikanae Recycling facility closing without full consultation, as everyone who submitted on it including the Community Board wanted it to remain. Districtwide Cr Jackie Elliott.

KCDC knowly breached Article 2 of Treaty of Waitangi. This is a discussion Ngātiawa Wai 1018 is hui with our barrister and Min of Local government. Scoff all you like KCDC. When Min of Justice spends over $880,000 worth of Legal Aid on Wai 1018 alone. They want their $$$ back.

What does successful democracy look like?

“The majority of Councillors voted to continue with the Gateway despite it being the only item in the Long Term Plan consultation to be overwhelmingly opposed by the community.”

Tell me this ain’t so!
Actually, don’t bother, it’s the Kāpiti District Council.

This was all openly debated approx 6 months ago on Neighbourly resulting in a 3000 person petition against the proposal which at that time had been estimated at $4.5m being given to KCDC who as usual completely disregarded it also admitting at the time (Guru personally) that Council Staff had been promoting it and working on it before it even came up in council meetings.
As with most proposals offered for consideration this was hopelessly optimistic in returns to be generated with visitor numbers exagerated beyond belief including advice from the ferry operators and the local business owners. Although the proposal is well underway it is probably still not too late to put a halt to this madness if we all voice our opposition now

I am surprised that the Councillors approved a building on the seashore noting the expectation of sealevel rising, the lack of local support, loss of carparks, initial building cost, the subsequent subsidies required from rates for maintenance and operating, and the possibility of a cafe operation which will compete not not support local busonesses.

So why is this going ahead?. Also why is this information not been in The Kapiti Community Page. No one would know this unless it is in the Public Domain. 19 car parks!
Kia Ora, one of our key jobs is to keep people informed, no matter how difficult the information is. We are not necessarily opposed to Te Uruhi, but the issue needs to be debated fairly. Best wishes, Alan Tristram


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