Paraparaumu College Defibrillator Saves Life Before The Official Opening

The new heart defibrillator fixed externally at Paraparaumu College saved a life even before being officially commissioned.


Dr Adele Cherrill, President of the Parents’ Association, says: ” It was installed and within a week it was accessed by a member of the public to save a life – even before we had our official ribbon-cutting ceremony!” ‘

It took nearly two years to raise some $4300.

Large group of supporters gather for the occasion

But the large group of supporters, led by the Parents Association, were finally able to hold a ribbon-cutting ceremony on 15th November in the College gym.

They formally handed over the AED ( Automated External Defibrillator) to the college and Community — and then celebrated with a defibrillator birthday cake baked by Dr Adele.

Dr Adele Cherrill cuts the AED strawberry cake to mark the occasion

“We found there was a need to have this life-saving equipment because there are so many evening and weekend sporting and extracurricular activities at the college.,” she says.

The previous defibrillator at the College was only available in the office during school time.

A lesson in how to use the defibrillator

“To gain access dial 111 and ask for the Ambulance, she said. 

“They will issue you the code for the locked box, explain how to use the Defibrillator which will only work if it detects a heart fluctuation.  This ensures that it cannot be used if there is a healthy heart beat (ie someone trying to give a mate a shock for the fun of it). 

“The WFA records where and when the Defibrillator is used, sends an ambulance to the location of use and then changes the pads and batteries and services the Defibrillator.  They then replace it in the locked box ready for use for the next time.”

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