Older, Bolder and Better With This Show

The theatre group Hens’ Teeth says it’s delighted to present at a season showcasing Coral Trimmer (harmonica virtuoso), Sunny Amey (comedian), and Dame Kate Harcourt (actor) at Circa in Wellington.

The actos have talent, skill and age – and they are all over 90.

Kate JasonSmith, the brains behind Hens’ Teeth, was inspired by Coral’s outstanding harmonica performance at her younger brother Sir Jon Trimmer’s 80th birthday.  

At the same event, Sunny burst on to the comedy scene with her take on getting older. 

By putting Dame Kate into the mix, JasonSmith she realised she had a show on her hands! Looking round Kate found  there was a pool of talented Gold Card performers still in the business and managed to secure a famous collection to complete the line-up for The Older the Better.                                                    

They include Helen Moulder opera singer and comedian, pianist Rose Beauchamp, and dancer and actor Jan Bolwell.

Appearing throughout the season will be playwright Renée, International speaker Gill Greer, piano bar lady Linn Lorkin, writer Rachel McAlpine, and performance poet Margaret Austin

And,  and others… It’s a moveable feast.

The show will be compèred by Kate JasonSmith.

Dame Kate Harcourt
Coral Trimmer
Sunny Amey


    SEASON: 3-20 DECEMBER         

TUES to SAT 6PM, SUN 4.30                                                                                          $30 SPECIAL 2 NOV           

BOOKINGS (04) 801 7992 circa.co.nz                                                                         1 TARANAKI STREET, WELLINGTON

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