Paekak. Hill Closed

‘B Train’ similar to truck which blocked road

Driver on GPS jams artic. on bend in road

The Paekakariki Hill Road was closed to traffic in both directions yesterday afternoon when an articulated truck known as a B Train became wedged on a bend in the road.

The driver was following GPS instructions that led him to Paekakariki Hill Road, which is unsuitable for a vehicle of this size.

It was an hour or more before the road was reopened to traffic again.

Later in the day, Kapiti Police said the driver was arrested during the incident for driving while disqualified .

Police said the truck became jammed under a tree about 500m below the summit.

Wikipedia: A ‘B-Train’ (as related to the road transport or trucking industry) consists of two trailers linked together by a fifth wheel, and can be up to 26 m (85ft) long.