Over 13,000 Trees To Be Planted On Arbor Day

“It’s Arbor Day on Saturday, June 5, a day to celebrate trees and everything they do for us,” says the Kāpiti
Coast District Council ( KCDC).

And the Council will be helping to plant 13,200 trees, with a big effort from young students like these shown in the photo below from an earlier planting.

The KCDC says: “To sustain and restore Kāpiti’s biodiversity we undertake an ongoing planting programme, working alongside some amazing community groups.

“This year we’ll be planting just over 13,200 plants around the district”

On Friday, the day before Arbor Day, Council staff will put on their gumboots and gloves and join students from Waikanae and Kapakapanui schools to plant over 2000 trees and plants at Pharazyn Reserve.

Locals can find out more about how the KCDC is encouraging biodiversity and how they can get involved on the Council website,

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