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Spud a Day Keeps Otaki

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Kapiti Independent News
15th September 2009

The SpudStaff at the Otaki Health Camp have introduced Irish culture to the children –they’re teaching them how to cook spuds properly.

The children are learning how to bake a potato,so they’ll go home with the skills to make their families a simple, tasty and wholesome meal.

Potatoes New Zealand education consultant Glenda Gourley says that health camps are a perfect opportunity to teach children the skills they need for a long, healthy life.

“If a child can bake a potato, they can make a meal,” she says.

“By teaching them in a short time how to cook a potato, they’ll get a wonderful skill that will last a lifetime.

“A full tummy is only one potato away!” Ms Gourley claims.

Potatoes contain fibre, vitamins and minerals – and they give you energy without fat. Kids love the taste of potatoes, especially ones they’ve cooked themselves.”

And, she says, Potatoes New Zealand is encouraging the youngsters to enjoy cooking and to share their new skills with their families by giving a ‘Crazy Potato Lovers Pack’ to take home.

The packs include a 3-4kg bag of baking potatoes – sponsored by Turners and Growers – and one can each of Watties Boston Beans, Mexican Beans and Creamed Corn.

They also get a magnet with information on how to use the products to make a meal with potatoes, a Crazy Potato Lovers’ brochure and a sheet of ‘I can bake a potato so I can make a meal’ stickers.

Glenda Gourley says, “We’re trying to teach kids important life skills. The potato is a super-food and can be cooked in so many different ways.

“The best thing is that these children can share these skills with their families and make sure they’re eating healthy and tasty food.”

Children can get 50 percent of their daily vitamin C requirement from just one potato.

Potatoes also have the Heart Foundation tick, as long as they’re cooked in a healthy way.”