Opinion/ Why I’m Voting For The Greens and Labour

The Editor writes why he’s voting for a Green/Labour Government,

Alan Tristram says: “Although I’ve voted Labour all my life, I think the Greens now have more progressive views. Now I’ll give a vote to each Party.

The Greens will help to keep Labour honest and will inject a sense of urgency into tackling NZ”s most urgent issues: poverty, the lack of decent housing for people on low incomes, and runaway wealth inflation for the ‘haves.’

The Greens believe in a wealth tax and a capital gains tax and they’re dead right on both counts.

In its heart of hearts, Labour does,too, but the Party is too scared to implement either.

‘An inspirational leader

Jacinda Ardern is an inspiration leader and I admire her for this.

But most of the Labour Party, unfortunately, are deeply uninspiring.

Meanwjhile, to use Disraeli’s words, Aotearoa is becoming a country of two nations.

We have one nation of people with assets, good housing and a wonderful standard of life.

But there’s another nation, mainly Maori and Pacifika, made up of people without decent housing, with no money in the bank, and with little chance of a better life for their kids.

The Greens have the politicians committed to change this: Let’s hope they can push Labour in the right direction!

Assuming Labour make big gains this time around, they really need to deliver after a prolonged series of deliberations during the current parliamentary period. We cannot just proceed on ‘kind words’ and ‘branding’ and endless enquiries.
My sense is that neither of the main parties have any clear view of how to proceed post Covid.
We need a coherent approach to the assumption that Covid will be around for a long time and ways to deal with it comprehensively and sensibly while maintaining economic activity.
There has been a lack of coherent policy and in particular strategy.
I agree the Greens at least have signalled the need to tackle housing and the ever divergent haves and have nots.
Now more than ever is the opportunity to change direction and deal with Climate Change, inequity, housing and many other issues comprehensively and rationally.
We also need to deal with racism and extremism and conspiritialionists as well as reject the machinations of Trump and others of his ilk.

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