Opinion — The One True Way to Save Kapiti Airport

The only way we can save our airport is by getting a firm commitment from Labour to buy the land back from the present owners, writes Editor Alan Tristram.

Paraparaumu Airport in happier days (2011)

He writes: “All else — as I said years ago when former owner Noel Robinson was hoodwinking the locals — is smoke and mirrors.

This course now is unpalatable and immoral ( immoral because why should we have to pay to get Maori land returned ?). But we must pursue it.

We live in an economic world where almost everything is governed by legal title.

Labour is almost certain to be in the box seat after the election.

Therefore, we need to get an agreement right now from Jacinda Ardern and Grant Robertson et al that they will buy the airport and offer it to Maori, as long as flying can continue.

Forget National, their hands are forever stained by their inky fingers from stealing the land from the public and selling it for a song in the 1990’s.

Forget trying to get real action from the candidates in the election. They have no real power.

Forget the waiting game and the Waitangi Tribunal.

The Kapiti Coast needs to get Labour’s leaders to face up to their responsibility now.

The Mayor knows this.

But it needs to be spelt out to the people.

Let’s get this moving Jacinda!

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