Op Ed — Louisa Carroll Reports Satire-Free Kāpiti Is On The Way. KCDC Councillors On Board

Louisa Carroll reports that  Kāpiti libraries are to be Satire Free. 


She points out that as NZ is Nuclear Free so Kāpiti must become Satire Free.

Louisa, a.great great grand niece of Lewis Carroll, opines: ‘Councillor Prvanov, ably supported by Councillors Holborrow,  Buswell, Elliott and Handford achieved this amazing feat when they ensured the publisher of satire, the editor of Waikanae Watch, was condemned after being found guilty of the crime of satire publication.

‘This is the literary equivalent of David Lange’s nuclear Free NZ.

As most of these brave councillors are Labour supporters I would be delighted to see them all become Dames in the New Year’s Honours List.

I will certainly be rooting for them. WE all know that satire is a device used by males to undermine feminist legitimacy. 

A life ruined by satire

So inspired am I, by the example set that I am adding my shoulder to the campaign to ensure  Kāpiti becomes totally satire free. 

It is utterly deplorable that our libraries continue to have on their shelves works by satirists.

My extensive researches have shown that the following authors and their books need to be removed.

The list also includes film makers so their videos will need expunging as well. The worst offenders and the first for burning are highlighted in blue.


Greek and Roman satirists

Medieval, early modern and 18th-century satirists

Satirists (born 1800–1900) 

Modern satirists (born 1900–1930) 

Contemporary satirists (born 1930–1960) 

Contemporary satirists  

Please feel free to join me, Louisa Carroll ,in  this significant fight.  You will see that, a little tongue in check, I said books for burning.

Perhaps Guy Burns could officiate?

I have had three fighters in the cause tell me this is a great idea and instead of having Guy  Fawkes on the 5th November KCDC should have a bonfire to the satirists- perhaps following the script of Bonfire to the vanities- one of the books ear marked for removal. Let us know. There is the possibility it will be  great fun event and we would have  last laugh at the satirists.

And we are not alone. Our wonderful Mayor Guru was at the barricade of the Waikanae Community Board meeting with his inspiring lawyer Tim Power. Showing their commitment and solidarity with this cause celebre.

Love you all ,

Louisa Carroll

Suffragette for a satire free world

Why stop at Satire?. I think that all humour should be removed. People laughing is the scourge of western civilisation.
If we remove all humour we will have more time to promote veganism, Paleo diets, feminism and the ultimate elimination of men from the planet.

This has got to be a joke surely. Whats on earth is wrong with satire .It has been used by Female satirist to help shift
our culture . I smell a rat or someone living detached from reality.

If this is serious then I’m concerned. As we know, Nazis burning books lead to burning people; and more recently French Charlie Hebdo writers were murdered by such intolerance. Satire is primarily to bring to light foibles in the hope people learn & improve themselves. How can it belittle feminist belief when we have excellent female satirists like Jane Austen & Dorothy Parker? A library is a place of learning & some of that may be uncomfortable but art in all forms reflects freedom of speech. We need to protect that.

With next elections looming, Council will soon be soliciting again with their arch solicitor who has an extremely unsatirical brain and will go the way of all previous false lawmongers – into ignominity
Note the new satirical lexicon.

I have exhaustively perused your biblio and having quickly re-read them all, find that Michail and Vladimir are unfairly included as they were only preteens when Russia banned satire like the KCDC women have recently conspired to do.


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