NZTA Session On The Expressway Noise

Wednesday evening meeting

By Nick Fisher

NZTA are holding an informal meeting about the noise

  • on Wednesday October 4
  • at the Kapiti Community Centre, Pohutokawa Room.

They need to see that hundreds of Kapiti folk are affected by this issue. So please try to get to the meeting.

It runs from 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

A large group of us will be attending at 7pm.

It would be good for NZTA to see the strength of our feeling through the strength in numbers.

If you need a ride email

Report from the recent Waikanae meeting

There was some good news from the meeting at Waikanae; not only have they started putting up the engine braking signs, but they have started removing the rumble strips!

One kilometre a day, it will take them a month, but it’s happening. Well done everyone for continuing to hassle them.

They didn’t advertise the meeting, just emails to people they had on their list and some random facebook page, so the turnout was pretty low, but those that came gave them a hard time.

They claimed that there were only one or two engine braking events a day, so I will try and make a recording to show the extent of the problem. Has anyone got some gear to help with that?

I’ll put up some signs advertising next week’s meeting, hope to see most of you there at 7pm.