NZTA Expressway Noise Report

Patience and progress?

Thank you for your patience while the expert review panel completed their review of the operational noise on the Mackays to Peka Peka Expressway (M2PP) and we acknowledge the noise concern you have raised with us.

It has been important for both the NZ Transport Agency and the M2PP Alliance to understand the factors contributing to the Expressway noise, and to be able to make improvements where practicable.

The M2PP Road-Traffic noise review report is now available on the NZTA website, along with FAQs and a summary of the next steps. The terms of reference for the Panel are also posted here.

Noticeable noise but is compliant!

You may note that some information relating to individual addresses has been redacted from the report, in order to protect the private information of property owners. Owners of the specified properties have been contacted directly by the NZ Transport Agency.

In summary, the report acknowledges that the noise from M2PP is noticeable but compliant with the designation conditions approved by the Board of Inquiry.

The Panel identified additional nuisance noises such as rumble strips and bridge joints, for which they have recommended mitigation.

Works are already underway by the M2PP Alliance to improve noise in these areas.

Committed to action

Wharemauku Stream to Raumati Road: no sound walls or bunds and noisy bridge joints!

The Transport Agency has already committed to a number of actions to reduce road-traffic noise on the M2PP Expressway including

  • installation of engine braking advisory signs
  • the ongoing removal of the outer rumble strips on the left hand lane
  • improvements to the bridge joints
  • bringing forward planned works to reseal the chip sealed area at the northern end of the Expressway with OGPA (low road noise asphalt).

Take your time to read through the report, and if you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

Please note, over the Christmas period there’ll be a shutdown from Thursday 21 December to Monday 8 January 2018.

The next community update will be in February.

Warm Regards,

The M2PP Alliance & the NZ Transport Agency