NZs Top Protester Nicky Hager To Speak At ‘Five Eyes’ Spybase Rally

Some of New Zealanders leading protesters, including Nicky Hager, will be trekking to the Waihopai ‘Five Eyes’ spybase in Marlborough at the end of next week.

Nicky Hager

They’ll speak to people from all around New Zealand about the secret satellite interception spybase on Saturday January 30th.

The organisers, the Anti-Bases Campaign (ABC) say: “Waihopai does not operate in the national interest of New Zealand.

A ‘Foreign Spy Base’

In all but name it is a foreign spy base on NZ soil, paid for with hundreds of millions of our tax dollars; it spies on Kiwis and foreigners.

The Campaign adds:” We will be at the Waihopai spy base main gate at Waihopai Valley Road from 10.30 a.m. There will be speakers and information will be provided on the function of the base.

“And there will be a peaceful protest, calling for its closure.

Waihopai after a protest in 2008

The main guest speaker at the base gate will be Green MP, Teanau Tuinono.

Following that, there will be an afternoon-long meeting in Blenheim (Nativity Church, 76 Alfred St).

Speakers will be investigative journalists Nicky Hager (What Is Five Eyes Today? An Update) & Ollie Neas (Rocket Lab).”

NZ’s part in the Five Eyes programme

ABC says “This ‘transformative Goverment’ has continued NZ’s membership of the Five Eyes spy alliance, which is the reason for Waihopai’s existence.

“This despite Jacinda having said: ‘New Zealand has, and always has had, an independent foreign policy’.

“The evidence shows 100% the opposite and nowhere more glaringly than at Waihopai. The fact is that NZ is the most loyal, albeit junior, satellite of the US Empire.”

Little won’t front

The Anti-Bases Campaign invited Andrew Little, the Minister in charge of the NZ Government Communications Security Burea (GCSB, which operates Waihopai) to speak at the spy base gate on Saturday 30th and explain the Government’s position.

It says it received no reply beyond a formal acknowledgement.

ABC says: “Attempts to invite a speaker from the Labour Party led to us being told we had to ask the Minister to speak on this topic. So, neither Little nor the Government are prepared to front up.”

Here is Anti-Bases Campaign’s programme for Saturday January 30thThe protest will start at 10.30 a.m. at the spy base outer gate, Waihopai Valley Road. There will be speakers, including new Green MP Teanau Tuiono.

After this, protesters are going to the Nativity Church, 76 Alfred Street, in central Blenheim.

There will be three speakers. At 1 p.m. freelance investigative journalist Ollie Neas will speak about Rocket Lab, which ABC describes as ‘the American company which operates a NZ launch pad for US military and spy agency satellites.’

At 2 p.m. the investigative journalist and writer Nicky Hager will speak about: “What Is Five Eyes Today? An Update”.

And at 3 p.m new Green MP Teanau Tuiono will speak on how to get Waihopai/Five Eyes/defence & foreign policy back onto the political agenda.

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