No Spying in KCDC

Kapiti Coast Chief Executive, Pat Dougherty — no email ‘vetting’

Kapiti Council in the clear as row over email vetting rages in Horowhenua

By Alan Tristram

Pat Dougherty, KCDC Chief Executive, says the Kapiti Council does not pry into anyone else’s emails.

In a statement for KIN, he says: “The Kāpiti Coast District Council does not screen, filter or block any emails sent to staff, councillors or community board members, unless they specifically make a request to a group manager or the Chief Executive to do so.”

A furore over email censorship erupted in Horowhenua earlier this month when  a leaked internal audit  uncovered “extremely high-risk” email “blocking” processes.

These allowed chief executive David Clapperton to read, divert and stop certain emails coming in and going out of the council.

But the situation is different in Kapiti and CEO Pat Dougherty says there no Council prying or spying.

But, he adds: “However, our software does prevent SPAM, for example emails from, and viruses from entering our email system.”

Earlier, Guy Burns (Deputy Chair) and Bernie Randall of the Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board , said they were concerned that Kapiti Coast District Council might be following the slippery slope taken in Horowhenua where there has been ‘filtering and blocking of emails sent by citizens’.

They said: “We have asked KCDC Chief Executive Pat Dougherty for an assurance that his Council are not filtering, screening, blocking or treating differently any emails sent to staff, councillors or Community Board members.

“We believe that Mayor K Gurunathan has also asked for an assurance a week ago.”