No Legal Constraint

“No Legal Constraint” to stop rapist

living near schools, says Collins

February 11, 2010

The Minister of Corrections and Police, Judith Collins, says she can’t act to stop Justin Johnston living near the two Raumati schools.

When asked for comment by Kapiti Independent News, Ms Collins said:

“I completely understand the concern of residents at Raumati.

“I, too, would be concerned if someone with a history of violent repeat offending moved into my community.

“The Department of Corrections and Police have done everything they can under the law in terms of managing this offender,” she said.

“There is currently no legal constraint over where he has to live.”

“I’m advised that Corrections even sought an extended supervision order for this offender, but it was turned down by a judge.”

The Minister adds: “The type of previous offending by this man would qualify for our new three strikes policy which ensures the worst, violent, repeat offenders serve the maximum allowable sentence.”

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