New Sustainable Group

New Alliance to Oppose

Expressway in Kapiti

By Alan Tristram
February 19   2010

A new alliance of Kapiti Coast community groups is being set up to oppose the Expressway and other ‘non sustainable’ projects.

The Te Ra Waldorf (Steiner) School in Popular Avenue, Raumati South, is among groups alerting the community to problems with the proposed expressway.

In a letter to parents and friends, the School says it is strongly affected by the Expressway decision as the planned route goes close-by, or through, Te Ra School.

“Equally,” it says, “This affects the whole Kapiti district and Te Ra School would oppose any form of Expressway, no matter where.”

The Alliance for Sustainable Kapiti (ASK) is an informal alliance of community organisations and individuals aiming to preserve the character of Kapiti and its local communities.

The Alliance will oppose any new expressway and lobby for a sustainable approach to transport and development.

An initial meeting was held this week and the alliance is said to be growing rapidly.

ASK is calling on Kapiti people to join and spread information through their networks.

It says information is available by email — and the electronic petition site is

ASK wants to have as many signatures as possible to present to a KCDC meeting on February 25.

You bunch of backward thinking people. This road has to be built and getting petitions from all over the world from the same types as yourselves is clever, but comical. Like people in those countries even know anything about boring old Kapiti…. You should embrace decent infrastructure that is so lacking in NZ. Look at the water supply in Kapiti. I suppose you don’t want to fix that either? With two big rivers close by, how the hell is it possible that we don’t have enough water? All comes down to infrastructure and minorities groups that dictate government policy.

The money wastage that should concern you is that given to iwi.

Luckily I’m off to progressive Australia where plenty young forward thinking kiwis go and I won’t have to put up with this mentality any longer. Good luck with your efforts, and don’t worry, it is highly unlikely that this will go ahead anyway, so sleep peacefully. Hope the hoons don’t wake you.

I would like for you to correct a mistake that the option which NZTA board are pushing is the wish of the majority. This is factually incorrect.
The usual definition of the word majority is more than half the group or more technically 50% plus one.
So what were the figures ?
WLR Expressway option: 1609 (36.2%).
Other 1177 (26.5%).
Eastern option: 1041 (23.4%).
Western option: 619 (13.9)
These clearly show that the majority (63.8) who returned the forms voted for something other that the option chosen by NZTA board.
Read that again, two thirds did not vote for the proposed expressway option.
Clearly the only correct use of the word majority is that the majority did not vote for the chosen option.
An additional point to note. First the v oting group here is those who returned the forms, and not the full electorate of the Kapiti coast which is some 45,000.
So now that 1069 becomes 3.6 percent. Pretty pathetic really.

Second, the minutes of the NZTA meeting say the majority of these latter (other) submissions supported the construction of the two-lane Western Link Road. That is at least 589 by my maths. Add these to the Eastern option makes 1630. What is significant about this number is that it is MORE than those who wanted the 4 lane expressway on the WLR route.



My wife and I are apalled at the proposed destruction of our retirement environment to satisfy the arrogant beliefs of this government that road transport should be encouraged to travel at high speed through the middle of our district, poluting by emission and noise. The estimated cost will inevitably escalate enormously and the work will take years, destroying a very delicate environment of dune and marsh. It will certainly drive us away from the district and the National Party

The only reasonable suggestion so far made by anyone to improve traffic flow came from the Kapitit District Councel, to build the local WLR which will reduce STH 1 traffic, upgrade the already existing State Highway 1 and vastly improve rail transport. Rail transport to Wellington should be made so cheap that it would become foolish to travel any other way.

“A four-lane Expressway through a residential district is not the type of future we want to build for our children and grandchildren.”
Unfortunately like roads – grandchildren are a by-product of our growth lead society, and until our leaders, parents, potential parents, teachers, etc etc get their collective minds around the fact that most of what this system needs to function is fast running out, IE oil, water, fresh air, productive cropland, and not forgetting the ponzi financial system …. that NZ is borrowing a billion a month from … just to feed the children we have now.
Take 12 billion a year out of this dysfunctional system and NZ, Kapiti, and any new road will look bloody sick, futile, and just out and out stupid.
Alas these are truths this society will not face, so just like those we follow it will crash and burn ala Easter Island.
Just wait till the rubber hits The Road http://the-road–

Life as we know it is going to get way more interesting, and some what inconvenient.
And you will not do a thing about it, neither will your so called leaders.
Our prim minster would rather cuddle homosexuals than look at the facts of life
ho hum


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