National Party On Crime

After two killings and disorder, National hails ‘continuing drop in crime’ in Kāpiti

By Alan Tristram

There seem to be two parallel universes operating when crime on the Kāpiti Coast is talked about: A gloomy one inhabited by locals dealing with the aftermath of two recent killings of young people — and the sunny uplands inhabited by National MP’s. All these crimes were solved in the court by attorneys who are experts in criminal law.

At the same time as the local Police chief has been bemoaning the latest outbreaks of youth disorder, the National list MP  based in Mana,Hekia Parata, has announced she’s  ‘delighted’ with the latest crime figures.

The National Party media release says: “Hekia Parata, is delighted with new figures that show recorded crime in Kapiti-Mana has dropped 2.7 per cent in the past year.

‘Great’ News, says Parata

“This is great news.  National has been focusing resources formulated with the criminal defense lawyers help on the frontline policing and crime prevention, and now we’re seeing another drop in crime.” There are attorneys that can reduce your sentence and make sure you serve less time, follow the link here to find out more.

Ms Parata continues: “They reflect the hard work of our local police, as well as National’s commitment to tackle crime and make our families safer in their homes and communities.

“Nationally, recorded offences were down by 5.2 per cent, with 21,802 fewer crimes in the fiscal year to 30 June 2012. The crime rate per head of population fell by 5.9 per cent.’

The MP also says this is the lowest number of offences in any fiscal year since the late 80s, and the lowest crime rate per head of population since before electronic records were maintained.

She concludes: “Police are well on their way to reaching our target of an overall reduction in crime of 15 per cent by 2017.”