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Computer bay in Paraparaumu Library being used for students’ homework

NZ’s National Library says it’s taking action on the Kāpiti’s Mayor’s appeal for help in stopping computer access to violent videos in its libraries.

‘Block access to gun-focused violent killing games’

Two days ago Mayor K Gurunathan sent an open letter to the staff at the National Library who manage the public computers accessed by public libraries across the country.

Guru speak pre-shofar

He said:  “Please take immediate steps to block access to gun-focused violent killing games.

“The recent horrific gun-related violence in Christchurch has created debate on the potential damage of such entertainment culture especially on young minds.”

In reply, the Department of Internal Affairs, which runs the National Library, says:

‘Actively looking into Kāpiti’s case’

“The manager of Kāpiti Libraries has been in touch with us about sites of concern, and we are actively looking into this specific case.

“The National Library provides internet access to public libraries through the Aotearoa People’s Network Kaharoa (APNK) service.

“APNK has a commercial filter in place to block objectionable material.

“As new sites are popping up all the time we block inappropriate access”.





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