Mystery Medical Centre For Horowhenua

New medical centre design

Veronica Harrod says one of the first projects for the new Horowhenua New Zealand Trust is a new medical centre on  Levin public land which Horowhenua District Council sold to BOHR Property Ltd last year.

But the public were excluded from most discussions on the project.

And KIN Horowhenua correspondent Harrod says residents are asking whether the community will benefit from this and an extensive number of projects which the yet-to-be approved charitable trust plans throughout the district.
The Six former Horowhenua District Council economic development board members named as trustees  in the preliminary Trust Deed document are: Cameron Lewis, Antony Young, Andrew Wynn, Ron Turk, Evan Kroll and Larry Ellison.
Public excluded


I think the public concerns are warranted, especially  because they were excluded from taking part in  discussions on the council sale of the 100-year-old Jack Allen House in Durham Street, Levin, to BOHR Property Ltd for an undisclosed price.

Durham St site of the former Jack Allen House
Even though the shareholders of BOHR Property Ltd are involved with Cambridge Street Medical Centre, the company is classified as a Rental of Commercial Property.
Due to the secrecy around the sale of the Jack Allen House there is also concern about the council’s intention to transfer up to 40 per cent of public assets to the Trust as “seed” funding.
Growth agenda…away from public oversight
In a column in a community newpaper last year, Councillor Neville Gimblett said the medical centre land deal, “reinforced that effective growth is a partnership between council, central government and private enterprise….away from the unsettling glare of public commentary.”
Cambridge Street Medical Centre

According to Companies Office information there are three shareholders of BOHR property ,Ltd, including Cambridge Street Medical Centre business development manager Hans Roberti who owns 116 shares, held on his behalf by Levin Chartered Accountant Hamid & McHutchon Ltd for almost a year, and clinical leader Dr Bente Ongkiehong and Johannes Roberti who own 2 shares each worth 1.67 percent. BOHR Property Ltd is not the ultimate holding company.

Council’s chief executive David Clapperton described the new medical centre demolition and construction project as a Horowhenua NZ Trust project in a report to a Foxton Community Board [FCB] meeting.
And the Council’s economic development manager Shanon Grainger made a reference to it in his report to council on supporting the establishment of the Horowhenua NZ Trust.
Mr Grainger described the project, one of the first priorities of the Trust, as, ‘A comprehensive framework to develop improved care and quality of life through a series of modern process-designed projects…as described in the “Master Plan: Quality Care and Lifestyle for Older People.’

At the FCB meeting on 18 September 2017.

Horowhenua Council CEO, David Clapperton

Mr Clapperton described the Master Plan as, ‘the product of years of collective effort‘ before going on to say, ‘one such project is the establishment of a new purpose-built medical centre…it can be anticipated that further large scale projects like the medical centre will flow into our district..’

According to a timeline on the development of the Master Plan it was confirmed by former Mayor Brendan Duffy

Former Horowhenua Mayor Brendan Duffy played his part

and chief executive David Clapperton one day after the concept was presented to council  by the Economic Development Board.

Veronica, thank you for these stories about the proposed Horowhenua New Zealand Trust. Most of the ratepayer owned assets the C.E.O. of H.D.C is trying to move into ownership by the trust will form part of the settlement in the next round of T.O.W,. settlements with Horowhenu Iwi. He is trying to move them off the asset register before the next hearings.

The trust members had an article in the Levin Chronicle last week and one of them posted it on Neighbourly. The reaction from Levin ratepayers was instant and angry. Not one supportive post. Most were completely horrified and rightly so. The trust member removed the post tonight (Tues 26/06 10pm)
They also removed another story published yesterday in the Manawatu Standard. This has also completely disappeared tonight and the only place information survives in the public domain is here on K.I.N. Yet 40 % of HDC owned assets are still at risk of being transferred into cushy private ownership in public excluded meetings. Thanks K.I.N. this is anpother story in itself .

Hello Jacqueline, we promise not to succumb to pressure, unless it’s legally binding. Thanks for your support, Alan Tristram, KIN Editor

Veronica. It is really important that you keep publishing these stories on Kapiti Independent News. It is important that the public of the Horowhenua keep reading them because ….
The Horowhenua NZ trust wrote an article about the trust and how it intends to operate at the end of last week for the Levin Chronicle and someone posted it on Stuff News Neighbourly,
By tonight (Tues 26/06/2018) there had been nearly 50 posts by angry and confused public asking a whole list of very rational questions and when answers were given (very few) they were completely unsatisfactory, indeed, even started to contradict their own article. At 10pm tonight they deleted the post from Neighbourly to end the conversation.
Tonight they have also deleted a further story they had published in the Manawatu standard today. And it is also deleted from Stuff. Thank goodness for honest media like K. I. N. Veronica this is a story in itself. Most of the Horowhenua District Council assets, they intend to transfer, fast, to the private trust, should be part of settlement in the next T.O.W, treaty settlement. The C.E.O. of H.D.C. is removing them from the asset register before the hearings !!!!!!!


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