Motorway Madness

Swap ‘Motorway’ Madness for ‘JUST SAY NO!’
says Cr Lyndy McIntyre

By Alan Tristram
24th September 2009

LyndyMcIntyreKCDC Councillor Lyndy McIntyre has launched another stinging attack on Expressway options for the Kapiti Coast following Chris Turver’s latest article in KIN.

Cr McIntyre is helping to launch an alternative campaign titled ‘JUST SAY NO!’ which is expected to draw wide support from environmentalists and others opposed to runaway road development.

She says:“The Government’s plan to spend nearly a billion dollars on an expressway through Kapiti is madness and makes no sense.

“As the enormity of the proposal sinks in, the community is realising the disastrous implications and support is gathering around a “JUST SAY NO!” option.”

Cr McIntyre says the proposal brings no benefit to the local community or economy — and every option creates more problems than solutions.

“This is all about shaving a few minutes off the journey through Kapiti for long-haul travellers, and providing a fast lane to Auckland for trucks,” she says.

“Far from benefiting Kapiti, it will shut down local businesses, destroy hundreds of households, create problems for emergency services, and fragment local communities.”

Lyndy McIntyre says the community should not be duped into thinking that four-laning the Western Link Road will improve the proposal.

“The bottom line for government is a 100 kph highway through Kapiti with a minimum of exits,”she says.

“Passing it through the centre of Kapiti solves nothing.

“This option is bitterly opposed by iwi, and would be an environmental and community disaster for the centre of Kapiti.”

Lyndy McIntyre also says the government’s claim that State Highway One is “heavily congested” is a joke.

“The vast majority of the time the highway is not congested,” she says.

She says motorways are old thinking and out of touch with the key issues facing the planet – peak oil and climate change.

Road issues in Kapiti should be sorted by a three-pronged approach:

  • A state of the art rail service between Wellington and Otaki, and eventually to Palmerston North, and an affordable and an efficient bus service throughout Kapiti
  • Improvements to State Highway One to assist traffic flow and safety issues
  • A scaled down Western link Road, including a second bridge over the Waikanae River

A cap on big developments which are predicted to trigger massive local traffic increases over the next 20 years