Motivating Kapiti Kids

 Musicians Neil Worboys and Maurice Priestley

By Roger Booth

Neil Worboys

Neil Worboys and Maurice Priestley will be presenting Neil and Maurice’s stories and a range of music, featuring singing and the playing of various instruments, on

  • Tuesday Oct 31 (Raumati South School 9.15am and 10.15am; Paraparaumu School 1.30pm)
  • Wednesday November 1. (Raumati Beach School 9.15am and 10.15am; Otaki School 1.45pm)

All welcome.

Neil was the lead singer in Bulldog All-star Goodtime Band, which won the New Zealand TV talent show New Faces in the 1970s, back in the days when The Beatles were around.  

Neil will begin their story describing what it was like, a few years out of school, to be in a band that won one of our first television contests, toured the country, and even met the Queen.

“Craziest Band in the Land”

Maurice Priestley

The band was dubbed ‘The Craziest Band in the Land’, with their jug band music and good fun.  Neil featured as lead soloist and harmonica player.  The name came from the insignia on band member Brien Mcrea’s washboard bicycle bell.  The band had the traditional guitars and drums, but they also featured the banjo, tea-chest bass, and Neil’s harmonica.

Their biggest hits were ‘Miss September’ and ‘Everyone Knows‘.  Neil will talk about the crazy days, and also about singing for and meeting Queen Elizabeth.

Neil has had a career in teaching, and was head master at several primary schools, including acting in that position at Raumati Beach School for a term last year.

While teaching in Gisborne, Neil met and started performing with Maurice Priestley.  Maurice’s musical activities have not been impeded by his lifetime disability – in a wheelchair as a result of suffering from polio as a baby.  That’s where Maurice’s story starts, but their combined musical story looks at the jug band era and then blues – singing together on and off for thirty years.