Migrant Waisting Away

Kirsty Before Dieting

‘British was Biggest’ says Migrant  who’s teaching Kapiti Kiwis less is better

By Helen Tristram

When she lived in the U.K., Kirsty Ingram looked like this, but didn’t feel good about it.

Then she decided to do something about her lifestyle, and her weight, and her home — by changing everything.

Now she’s a happy resident on the Kapiti Coast, has a very different lifestyle and, she is proud to say, a different shape.

Kirsty on the Coast

This is her story:

“Before leaving the UK and as a result of my weight loss, I worked as a Weight Loss Coach, and also qualified as a gym and aerobics instructor.

Kick boxing to music

“I love to work out indoors as well as out; my interests are kick boxing to music, gym and weights and I am soon hoping to start Zumba classes.

“My husband and I moved to New Zealand in January last year, coming to New Zealand because my husband’s work skills were needed here — and we had heard that Kiwis were great people and the lifestyle was more relaxed.

We haven’t looked back and know it was the right thing for us to do.  New Zealand has such lovely open space, the people are so friendly (we have made some great friends) and we love living by the sea!

“Being overweight and losing weight is never easy

“If anyone has ever told you that being overweight and losing weight is easy, then they have never had a weight problem.

At the time, I had a stressful job and my husband and I were working round the clock. I was also on-call so would have my sleep disturbed during the night and at weekends.

Junk food became the norm;and the odd glass of wine or two helped to take away the pain and stress of the working day.

Although the extra money from the overtime was nice, the excess weight I gained, was not!

My weight was making me feel unattractive and stressed out.  I was tired of dealing with my size and the way my clothes seemed to grip so tightly around my mid region.

I was worn out from putting so much energy into wanting to do something about it but never actually getting round to it!

“I kept trying to convince myself my weight wasn’t a problem”

“I kept trying to convince myself that my weight wasn’t a problem and I thought that, one day, I would just wake up a different person; 2 or 3 dress sizes smaller!  Of course, it was never going to happen unless I got off my “increasing” backside and did something about it.

The final push I needed came in photographic form, after a holiday! In the times before digital photography, I took the film in to be developed and I could not believe what I saw on the day of collection.

How does the saying go? “The camera never lies.”  I wanted to believe I had collected the wrong photos, but in my heart of hearts I knew that unhealthy eating and too much alcohol meant I didn’t recognise the girl in the picture anymore.

It was the incentive I needed to kick-start me into action.  I pinned the disgusting photo to the fridge and a week later, I was already 1kg lighter and at the beginning of a healthier and happier me.

Like most, my weight loss journey was a real roller coaster of emotion.  Although, I learnt how to deal with the disappointments, staying focused and motivated, at times, was tough.

“Twenty Kg lost — and emotional baggage”

“In total, I lost 20 Kg but felt that I lost a lot more than that along the way, including some emotional baggage I had been carrying around with me.

I worked as a weight-loss coach and a gym and aerobics instructor.  .

It’s funny now but if anyone had told me 10 years ago (at my lowest point) that I’d have my own business as a motivational weight-loss coach, I’d have told them to see a doctor and get some medication.

So I set up “Waistaway” to provide weight loss motivation and coaching in a friendly, relaxed environment and the emotional and group support needed for lasting weight loss.

As a Coach, I believe that my clients are the solution as well as the problem and if you’re genuinely ready to change, then I know I can help you.

My passion is to help others achieve better health, lasting weight loss and so an improved quality of life.”

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