Mid Week Quiz No. 136

  • Here is the latest challenge.


  • Remember that no correspondence, computers or cell phones may be entered into!


  • Answers on Sunday.


  1. In New York and San Francisco what do the initials MOMA stand for?


  1. Who wrote the book The Man Who Mistook His Wife For a Hat?


  1. In what year did the Prague Spring occur: 1966, 1968, 1970 or 1972?


4.     Who are the New Zealand netball champions for 2018?


5.     Mogadishu is the capital of which East African country?

6.     Name the actress who has played the queens Elizabeth I, Elizabeth II, Marie Antoinette and Caroline?


7.     Who was the artist along with George Braque who developed the Cubist style?


8.     In the song Scottish Soldier where were the green, green hills of home?


9.     Which of these rivers doesn’t flow into the sea north of Dunedin: Rangitata, Clutha, Rakaia, Waitaki?  


10.  What does the French phrase coup d’état mean?








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