Mid Week Quiz No. 133 Answers

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  • Answers below


  1. Which river in New Zealand carries the greatest volume of water: Clutha, Waitaki, Whanganui or Waikato? (Clutha)


  1. What percentage of the American House of Representatives is up for re-election in November? (100%)


  1. What is the name for the shifting patterns of coloured light mainly seen in the night sky over the Arctic and Antarctica? (Aurora)


4.     Who has been the most publicised sportsman in New Zealand over the last year? (Joseph Parker)


5.    Name one or the two novelists who has won the Booker Prize twice? (Hilary Mantel / JM Coetzee)

6.     Which 2017 film centred on publication of the revelations on Vietnam from the Pentagon Papers? (The Post)



In which city does the Tour de France finish? (Paris)


8.     What was glasnost? ( The liberal period in Russia with more open government following the break-up of the Soviet Union)


9.    In which Australian state is there a town which is completely underground?  (South (Australia)


10.  Who was the last wife of Henry VIII? (Catherine Parr)


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