Mid Week Quiz No. 132 Answers


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  • Answers below..


  1. In the song Shenandoah, what is the name of the rolling river? (Missouri)


  1. A plantain is a type of cereal, banana or apple? (banana)


  1. The Booker Prize this year has long listed what genre of novel for the first time? (a graphic novel)


4.     Which animal’s name is based on the Latin words meaning “quill pig”? (porcupine)


5.     In which state of Australia is the town of Esperance? (Western Australia)


6.     Who is New Zealand’s Minister of the Environment?  (Eugenie Sage)


7.     In the Catholic Mass what term is used for the bread and wine turning into the body and blood of Christ? (transubstantiation)


8.     What do the Japanese call a hurricane or cyclone?  (typhoon)


9.     In which century did Martin Luther precipitate the Reformation?  (16th century)


10.  What is the occupation of Sharon Murdoch? (cartoonist)








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