Mid Week Quiz No. 123 Answers


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  • Answers below.



  1. What environment do narwhal and dugong live in? (the sea)


  1. Which two European countries signed a Non-Aggression Pact in 1939? (Germany and the Soviet Union (Russia))


  1. What sport do the San Francisco Giants play? (baseball)


  1. What is the most common form of dementia? Alzheimers)


  1. Norfolk Island is closer to New Zealand than to Australia, true or false? (true)


  1. Which Scottish band took its name from a politician assassinated early in the 20th century? (Franz Ferdinand)


  1. What are the three main raw materials as for making steel? (iron, coal and limestone)


  1. Madison Avenue is best known for which line of business? (advertising)


  1. Which country had territorial units called bantustans in the late 20th century? (South Africa)


  1. What is name for the centre of a hurricane where there is calm weather? (the eye)
















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