Mid Week Quiz No. 116 Answers


  • Question 7

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  • Answers below.


  1. What is President Putin’s first name? (Vladimir)


  1. Name three Australian cities where the Commonwealth Games have been held previously. (Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne)


  1. Before the Waikato War in the 1860s, the Kingites were warned that resistance to the government would be punished with land confiscations. True or false? (true)


  1. Who is the Minister for Broadcasting? (Clare Curran)


  1. Name the film that was this year’s Oscar winner. (The Shape of Water)


  1. Which Romantic poet drowned off the coast of Tuscany? (Shelley)


  1. What is the main characteristic of xerophytic plants? (They can survive very dry conditions)


  1. In the famous Lonnie Donegan song was the occupation of his father? (dustman)


  1. What does fiat lux mean? (Let there be light)


  1. Which is odd one out and why? Fiat, Porsche, Alfa Romeo, Lamborghini? (Porsche, all the others are Italian cars)






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