Meter Protest Continues

‘Ask Us First’ castigates KCDC  over spending on survey

‘Ask us First’ petitioner Jackie Elliott says the Kapiti Coast District Council is under such pressure from anti-water meter opponents that it is spending ‘another fortune in ratepayers’ money’ on brochures and a 1000-person phone survey to try to prove it is right.
She alleges: “But the CRAG (Charging Regime) report guarantees to deliver every nightmare scenario petition supporters were warned about from other regions.
“Few people are being conned because we know the Council has not made a rational case for water meters when it is wasting more water through leaks from it’s own system than all the 23,000 households put together.
“The CRAG report tries to ratify this level of loss and more from the public system as acceptable for the next 30 years.”
Group ‘couldn’t comment on merits of meters
Ms Elliott says the Council keeps quoting the CRAG report, but the expert (CRAG) group set up by Council to advise it was never given the opportunity to assess or comment on the merits of water meters as the best option to future proof the district’s water supply needs.
She adds:”It has tried to dismiss a petition by a third of all households in Kapiti for a referendum as being ‘too hard to write the referendum questions.’ Even one of it’s own Councillors says ratepayers are being “duped’ because there is no longer a free basic allocation of water before people start paying.
“The 50 /50 split payment structure is designed to guarantee Council’s net income from the fixed charging even if we use NO water, and the report streamlines KCDC annual planning procedures for charging increases should KCDC require more revenue.
“The 50/50 charging regime chosen will immediately increase costs for single person, low-income, low-usage households, not reduce them as previously widely promoted by the Mayor.
“The CRAG reasoning for this decision is,” Ms Elliott says, “so that pensioners would pay their fair share “.

I went to the gas station and meet some idiot who was bleating about water meters. Can we trust the council not to sell or overcharge for water? If you say so. Can we trust the council not to sell a very lucrative water system, so as to use the funds for pet projects? If you say so. Are you a non thinking being ? No. If you say so…

Hi Jackie,
I intend unveiling the ‘thing’ before all the district’s Councillors in the submission hearing in about a month in Paraparaumu, I can’t be bothered going along to the local bozos. A long time to wait but am looking forward to seeing the look on their faces…

I went to the petrol station and found the price had gone up massively.

They said: “Yeah, people were using too much petrol, so we’ve put the price up. So some people can’t afford petrol anymore and people like you will just have to deal with it. Anyway, rich people can still afford it – it won’t stop them driving their SUVs and sports cars.”

A while later I went back to the petrol station and the price had gone up again.

They said: “People were still using too much so we’ve hiked up the price.”

I said that I could cope, but my neighbour might have to stop driving their kids to Saturday sport.

They said: “So? Why do you care about your neighbour’s well-being? We’re all individuals nowadays and it’s just their tough luck.”

I went to the pertrol station and this lorry driver said I had to pay for most of his diesel. I said, what, are you crazy. And drove off to the next station where I wasn’t asked pay for anyone else’s petrol but my own.

I think its crazy that all you anti meter don’t get it! That petrol story is what is happening with water. You pay for big lorry size water users. The real story about meters is that the new meter charges will not be 100% based on use alone. No flat fee. That way if a person wants they can pay nothing for water if they don’t use water.

Wake up you people who are protesting to keep unfair water charges.

Thank you Chris for your very useful suggestion, please let me know what time, date and venue you have organised for Otaki and I will attend. Same for anyone in other areas.

Meanwhile the other anti water meter campaigners and I are flat out over the next 19 days in the malls and shops, and door knocking, handing out submission forms to the public and asking them to fill out to say NO TO WATER METERS. BUILD THE DAM is popular too.
Just write it across the bottom of the form, thats all thats needed.
A4 B/W forms that you can then copy or scan and email are available FREE from any KCDC Service Centre. ASK for them by the 100’s, it is their policy to supply them and support the public taking part in the submission process.
Forms also available @ or

Not to diminish the importance of water meters because metering the populations water is a very nice control mechanism. Metering is also the first step in privatization, which we all know is the best thing because turns us all into money taps, pouring money to the corporate machine!

While you further contemplate the pros and cons of water meters I invite you to view a short documentary called Paradise or Oblivion. It’s only 50 mins long and freely viewable on youtube.!

Hello The People (who matter, and that’s all of ‘us’)
This meter thing is the issue of the moment. Like all good things although this is not one, it will come to an end sooner or later, one way or the other. Jackie is doing a wonderful job and will not let up on our beloved council because she doesn’t think she has right on her side she knows it deep down to her DNA, as do the rest of the Ask Me First membership. I don’t talk for these fine Kapitions as I am not one of their number, but share the aims with maybe a different slant on how to inform council on their ill advised meanderings into corporate water ownership. What I propose her and now is to create a district-wide residents association that cover all of the Kapiti district. This structure could have local sub groups in each of the four mini-districts who would then form into the bigger grouping not unlike (but a hell of a lot smaller) than the K.C.D.C. Would there be problems in doing this, maybe, but it should be tried all the same. As I said at the start meters are the issue facing us today, but in the tomorrow’s to come there will be others as there always is. Although not an advocate of supercity myself, don’t you find it interesting that our current governing body has such an aversion to the idea? Would we be any worse off under such a system than we are at the moment with our local little Stalins? I say we embrace the new idea, but have our own grouping to defend our rights if it comes to it, and take my word it will sooner or later. I look forward to seeing those who wish to come to the unveiling of “The Secret Weapon of Mass Destruction” when I make it public at a submission hearing with our good friends and colleagues the council. After the meeting copies will be available from the e-mail account:

Leave your taps on until they give you a referendum, and remove the fluoride.
They are never going to listen to a bunch of cry baby tickle me Elmo dolls.
Karl will tell you, you can’t win when you play by the rules they write.
Just like posting your mercury laden light bulbs to Jenny Rowen, it is legal to leave a tap on. 😉