Mediator Mooted for Kāpiti

Ex-Councillor Turver says Jaw-Jaw must replace War-War

By Alan Tristram

Urgent mediation is proposed in the worsening stand-off between the KCDC and Coastal Ratepayers Association over the Council’s controversial coastal management plan for dealing with climate change.

Former regional councillor and resource consent chairman Chris Turver says Kāpiti is once again embarrassed by the consequences of a breakdown in relationships on major issues through lack of effective consultation and communication.


“It has got to the stage where both parties are locked in costly combat instead of sorting out a more acceptable way forward for dealing with the effects of projected rising seawater on the Kapiti coast, he says.”

Mr Turver says relationships are so bad that the Coastal Ratepayer Association has set up a ‘war chest’ so its 1,800 members can fight the Council’s plan.

Aand the Council has started taking out full page advertisements in local papers to defend its approach, an unnecessary extra cost on ratepayers.

He adds: “Positions are now so entrenched that they are simply not talking to each other and we need a game-breaker to get them round a table with an independent mediator to get some commonsense back into the very serious issue of coastal management.”

Mr Turver says Kapiti can’t go on being divided by controversial issues and he’s appealed for more sensible management , improved communication, and a willingness to listen, to prevent actions which lead to costly revolt.

He’s suggested that a mediator with considerable experience in coastal management and district planning be invited to bring both parties together and get the talking started.

“If we don’t go down this path the lawyers bills will simply skyrocket, ratepayers will have to pay out more unbudgeted expenditure, and Kapiti will again look as if it is out of control.”

Editor’s Note: We asked the KCDC Mayor and CEO for their views on Mr Turver’s proposal, but they declined the chance to reply.



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