Waikanae School `Wheelies`

By Helen Tristram
22nd February 2011
Mikayla Osmond,11(L) & Ashleigh Paker- Geldard 11 (R)

Waikanae School Wheels Day

Children at Waikanae School were more than happy to participate in Wheels Day last Friday.

They were allowed to take anything on wheels to school that could move them around, – and hundreds of the pupils did just that.

There was an enormous variety of wheeled contraptions, – in fact almost anything that was capable of speeding up movement for energetic children.

The day started encouragingly with a hearty breakfast of sausages, cereals and chocolate milk.

After settling down to their usual school work they knew they could look forward to using their `wheels` during playtime and lunchtime breaks.  Skateboards, bikes, scooters, rollerblades and trolleys were just a few of the `wheeled children movers`.

Wheels days are generally held once a term as Educationalists have realised that it can provide incentives for physical activities, fitness and fun and is good for the

Andrew Penman,9

brain too.

Senior, yr 7-8 students,  had the responsibility of running the games, obstacle courses and other activities as well as monitoring safety and controlling `traffic`.

All in all,   a `wheel treat of a day `.

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