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Start Writing Road Letters

Says Mayor to ‘Team’

Mayor in Chambers

By Alan Tristram
30th September 2009

Kapiti’s Mayor is appealing directly to citizens to write letters to the editors over the Government plans for high-speed expressways through the district.

In an unprecedented move,Mayor Jenny Rowan says she ‘needs some help now, the council and myself are taking a real hit on this confused matter.’

“Some of you have already done your letters to the editor,” she says,” I need a lot more of these please.”

She is also appealing to her supporters ( referred to as her ‘team”) to turn up at public meetings.

“There are three public meetings coming up that I need you to attend,” she says.

In the email obtained by Kapiti Independent News, the Mayor says:

“Hello everyone, it’s time to talk …regarding the proposed concept plans from the Minister of Transport Steven Joyce to drive trucks through our district at 100km on a motorway.”

Mayor Rowan is clearly worried by strong support from some sections of the community for an Expressway along the route of the proposed two-lane Western Link Road (Option Three).

And in a move which is sure to be seen as partisan by some councillors opposed to her ideas, Ms Rowan says she is thinking of asking for local people to get involved in circulating KCDC material.

She says: “I am considering the possibility of a flyer to be distributed through central Paraparaumu to all streets and homes which will be affected by Option Three.”

“If any of you are in a position to do letter box deliveries or on the ground activities can you please get back to me.”

Sideswipe for Transport Agency

The Mayor is also highly critical of the New Zealand Transport Agency.

She says: “It ‘s time to get visible and active team, this is a huge issue and has been handled very badly by NZTA. We are carrying the can for this lack of process.”

Reports from consultants to the KCDC are now available to the public, she says, and these ‘fill the gap because the NZTA did not provide the data needed.”

The mayor adds: “I am simply not going to let a motorway/expressway trash our communities.”

Speak at KCDC meetings! says Mayor

In another move which is sure to raise eyebrows, the Mayor is appealing to supporters to turn up at a council meeting tomorrow and air their views in public speaking time.

She refers to an upcoming KCDC meeting ‘that does give you an opportunity to do a three-minute public speech.’