Mayor calls Telstra

Mayor Rowan Calls Telstra Clear

to Save Jobs on Kapiti Coast

Exclusive — By Alan Tristram
December 5th 2009

The Kapiti Coast Mayor, Jenny Rowan, has called on Telstra Clear to keep more than 70 call centre jobs in Kapiti.

In a reply to a question from KIN about KCDC action to save the jobs, Ms Rowan says she has spoken with the company again this week and has been assured that a final decision has not been made.

Last month Telstra Clear announced it was considering moving 70 call centre jobs off shore from Paraparaumu to a Philippines firm. It said a decision would be made by March next year.

But Mayor Rowan has told us: “They say they are still looking at the feasibility of keeping the centre open and expect a team to come from the Philippines to look at it soon.”

Telstra Group Going to Philippines

She says Telstra Clear will also be sending a group to the Philippines to look at their operation.

“I will continue to argue strongly that keeping jobs in Kapiti is much better for their brand and their reputation,” says the Mayor.

Kapiti people were early and enthusiastic supporters of Telstra Clear and would be very let down if the Centre was to close.

“While axing jobs may save them money in the short term it would cost them huge amounts of goodwill in the long run,” she says.

Kiwis want to talk to Kiwis — Mayor

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