Massive Regional Rate Bills On The Way

Local politician Guy Burns reports Greater Wellington Regional Council is planning to increase rates in Kapiti by ‘a disgraceful 14.47 percent’ — this figure gets tacked onto KCDC rate bills.

What a massive hit for ratepayers!” says Burns, deputy chair of the Paraparaumu/ Raumati Community Board.

He adds” This huge rise reflects an organisation that is growing for growth’s sake — no checks and balances or incentives to run efficiently.

“There is no control placed on GWRC regarding the size and growth of this poorly-run organisation.

“What makes such a large rise even more pathetic is that GWRC do no mention a percent figure on how much average rates will go up for ratepayers in their consultation document! – you have to work out the rise yourself using a calculator and sift for data in their ‘supporting information document. ’ This is ridiculous!

“Why hide the rates percent increase? I believe they are too embarrassed to openly tell us.”

At least KCDC are transparent on how much rates are going up and say why in their long term plan.

“What can you do about it? Not much unfortunately; GWRC have us by the throats and can pretty well force any rate rises on us…”

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