Massive Rates Shock Forecast For The Kāpiti Coast

Kāpiti local politician Guy Burns says local people are in for a shock –a massive rise in their rates in the coming year.

Burns, who is Deputy Chair of the Raumati/Paraparaumu Community Board, says:

“It looks as though Kāpiti Coast rates will be increase by well over five percent; most likely just under 8 percent.

“This is disgraceful!”

Guy Burns deplores Council extravagance

“Because of Covid and the abrupt halt to NZ tourism, many people are under severe economic hardship.” he says.

‘No excuse

“There is no excuse for such an extravagant rates rise.”

He adds: “Council must tighten their belts.

“But, no, what does KCDC do? They approve a major infrastructure project with ongoing operational expenses—the dreaded Gateway—a gateway to higher costs for ratepayers.”

Operating costs too high

Burns says Council needs to tighten its belt, particularly with operational costs (especially staff and consultant expenses).

“Bizarrely, these costs are not critically examined by Councillors in the long term planning process—or at any other time,” he says.

“The Mayor and Councillors need to direct the Chief Executive to reduce operational costs by a figure of 5 to 10 percent. He will know what areas can be cut.

“As a huge organisation with no competition, KCDC has some staff that are overworked and others underworked or carry out non-essential functions.

“Direct the Chief Executive to find savings in operational expenditure and bring down rates rises to what is considered normal in our NZ economy, that is well under 5 percent.

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