Maori Leader Appeals To Kāpiti People To ‘Do The Right Thing’ Over Airport Land

A spokesman for Maori claimants to Kāpiti Airport land says “We hope the Kāpiti Community has some conscience and pride in itself to this time support the right thing that is clearly for the interests of all.”

George Jenkins, spokesperson for Puketapu Hapū ki Paraparaumu, says it’s now ‘Time for justice (Doing the Right Thing).’

He says: “This land was taken as a war requirement to act as an emergency landing ground for Rongotai airport.

“We protested against the (Nstional) Government privatising the airport in 1995 because we saw the obvious that the land would end up being subdivided and sold off.”

Treaty claims

Mr Jenkins also points out there is a claim under the Treaty of Waitangi.

“We are expecting a Waitangi Tribunal report soon and settlement thereafter and may file an application for an urgent hearing to stop any sale,” he says.

Preserving a Community Asset

Mr Jenkins says Kāpiti Airport has a future as a recreational aerodrome with limited commercial applications.

He says: “Puketapu is positioning to enter into talks with parties that have a vested interest in preserving Kāpiti Airport.

“We value the support of the Kapiti Coast Community.”

The lie that is now revealed in full

“The KCDC and the Kapiti Chamber of Commerce, along with the majority of the community, fell hook, line and sinker to the lie that (this) was Sir Noel Robinson’s new airport terminal and there was a plan for the airport to become a key transport hub,” he says.

Noel Robinson, Auckland developer

“The re-zoning that occurred as a result of falling for his promise of future economic prosperity placed this land in the hands of professional developers and opportunist investors that have no loyalty to our community,” Mr Jenkins says.

He points out that now that Covid has hit the fan devlopers feel it’s time ‘to pull the plug and reap the rewards of subdivisions.’

But, he says; ” The Puketapu Hapū hope the Kāpiti Community has some conscience and pride in itself to this time support the right thing that is clearly for the interests of all.”

Violations of the PUBLIC WORKS ACT [PWA] requires address as the 2001 REVEIW never reached oral submission stage as it was pointed out to CHEIF Human Rights Commission Rosslyn Noonan at the time that the ACT violated the Declaration of Rights ARBITRARILY DEPRIVING PROPERTY RIGHTS. This needs to be a election issue as Auckland’s congestion has been escalated by the planning process which may have changed the usage of land acquisitions under the Public Works Act for the Western Bus Terminus which is now a casino. THE CASINO IS TOTALLY INNOCENT BEING FORCED FROM THEIR SYMONDS ST SITE. The question of the use of the land purpose for INNER or a INTER CITY Bus usage was witnessed by TVNZ news directly across the road from Mary Ravlich. Councillor Pippa Comms has been asked to provide the evidence as to the plans presented to the Governor General which allowed the application of the PWA. Pippa and now Helen White Auckland Central Labour Party candidate both have the task as a former Governor General and Helen lived on common land formerly owned by Rajen Prasad in-laws and other lower classed people in a PWA created INNER CITY slum clearance to accommodate gentrification. Council and government abuse of the PWA has to end as people are hurt by its inequity.

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