Maori Landowner Locked Out of Lake

Phil Tauekei, guardian of Lake Horowhenua

Veronica Harrod reports three members of Horowhenua Lake Domain Board voted against Lake Horowhenua owner Philip Taueki being provided with a key to allow him vehicle access to his residence at Lake Horowhenua.

Veronica, KIN’s Horowhenua correspondent, says a decision was made to lock the gates from night until early morning after Mr Taueki raised concerns about “boy-racers” ripping up the grass at the Domain at night and behaving in a threatening manner. He suggested the entrance gates be locked.

At a meeting of the Horowhenua Lake Domain Board on Monday two Iwi representatives of the board and Horowhenua district councillor Victoria Kaye-Simmons voted against Mr Taueki being provided with a key.

Application to Maori Land Court

Iwi representatives Rob Warrington and Marakopa Wiremu Matakatea are also members of Lake Horowhenua Trust. Mr Taueki has applied to the Maori Land Court for Lake Horowhenua trustees to be removed for breaching the Trust Order.

Mayor Michael Feyen said, “The decision was to furnish Philip Taueki with a key. Seemed like a win-win and chance to build goodwill. Next I knew the decision was made not

Horowhenua Mayor Michael Feyen

to give him a key. We missed an opportunity.”

Cr Simmons said, “On 3 September I started receiving emails singling me out. As a board we make decisions. It’s a little off that I was singled out by some members of the public.”

Cr Tukapua said, “Since it could take three or more months for the matter to be concluded we need an interim measure. If there is to be a continuation of locking the gate I think if Phil Taueki lives there he needs a key. That is my position.”

Two groups who use the Domain have been provided with a key.

The Domain Board has a new chairperson Reg Kemper after former chair Jenny Rowan fell on her sword and offered her resignation when Lake Horowhenua Trust passed a vote of no-confidence in her on 12 June.

The Trust said Iwi representatives on the Board had no confidence in Ms Rowan because, “actions and statements made by [Ms] Rowan…is undermining the ability of the Trustees to carry out their responsibilities on behalf of beneficial owners.”

Iwi representatives on the Board include Marokopa Wiremu-Matakatea, Jon Proctor and Rob Warrington who are all Lake Trustees.

Water cut off

Not only is Mr Taueki now unable to access his residence by car when the gates are locked but his water has also been disconnected for almost two years now.

The water toby is on Lake Domain Board land but the council turned Mr Taueki’s water off after a request by Lake Horowhenua Trust chair Matthew Sword.

And in the aftermath the Maori Land Court judge has deemed the chair and two trustees should remove themselves from any decision making role over Lake Horowhenua. These are just some of the inappropriate appointments made in the past as you will read in the full story above.
Kama appears to have taken its sweet time, but slowly the wheels of injustice appear to be unraveling the mess that has been made. Kia Kaha Phil. Kia Kaha

I cannot believe how mean spirited the Horowhenua Lake Domain Board is. Shame on you for not giving this man a key to access his home. And then there is the issue of turning the water off so he has no access to water, requested by Matthew Sword, the Lake Horowhenua Trust chair. Really, it projects like snotty nosed bullies who have their noses out of joint and did the “NASTY” because they can. Shame on you for exploiting your positions if power.


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