Maori Disregarded

Cr McIntyre says Airport Decision
Hurts Maori Claim

By Alan Tristram
6th September 2009

Councillor Lyndy McIntyre says the rights of the original owners have been swept aside in the Paraparaumu Airport saga.

She says:” The community was promised that a process set up in October, 2007, by MP Darren Hughes, the developer, and the Mayor would deliver justice.

“When councillors voted on the developer’s application six months later, we were told that this process was well underway.

” Since then there’s been a deathly silence,” she says.

She adds: “It is now time to ask again, before the bulldozers move in, where is justice for the original owners of Paraparaumu Airport land? ”
Cr McIntyre also says that although the rights of the original owners are of most concern for the community, there is also huge concern about the traffic mayhem the development will bring, particularly on Kapiti Road.

“Look out for thousands of big trucks and vans entering and exiting the airport ,” she says, “and look out ratepayers for massive rates bills to pay for local road connections.”