Mandy Hager — ‘Support The Teachers’

Children from Room One at the Cromwell Primary School

Mandy Hager has this bouquet for teachers…

‘I’ve just returned from a five-day Storylines tour around Otago with three other writer/illustrators.

Each of us visited fourteen classes and participated in an evening event. Many of the schools were tiny, from nine to 50 students in remote rural areas.

Positive teaching for all needs

Primary school children getting a a ride on a Clydesdale wagon in Central Otago

What stands out from these visits is the enormous energy and skill the teachers in these schools bring to their students’ education — not only catering for their unique and sometimes complicated learning needs, but providing positive, uplifting and empowering environments where every child prospers.

One only needs to spend time in classrooms like this to realise how hard our teachers are working and how much of themselves they pour into their jobs.

These are not fly-by-nighters, out for a quick buck or promotion, but there because they deeply care about nurturing our future generations.

Bright learners…open, happy kids

And their efforts are evident in the children they’re working with — bright engaged learners and open, happy kids.

If you were in doubt about the current teacher’s pay impasse, believe me that these teachers deserve more money, more time, more support after nine years of squeezing by our previous government, whose eyes were only ever on the bottom line and not the wellbeing of our children.

Support the teachers

We should all be supporting their action.

Without good teaching our young people will not be equipped for the challenges that lie ahead.

But wait, there’s more…

( Tobe continued … My brickbat for bureaucrats tomorrow! )


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