Mandy Hager Deplores ‘Veiled Death Threat’ To Her Brother By Judith Collins

 Kāpiti author Mandy Hager reports: “This morning I opened social media to find that Judith Collins has made a dangerous veiled death threat towards my brother, investigative journalist Nicky Hager.

Investigative journalist Nicky Hager

“In it, she (Collins) says: “He still needs to meet his maker.”

In a world where journalists are currently being illegally detained and murdered all around the world, how it is okay for Collins to say such things with impunity?

“We’ve already seen James Shaw attacked after false claims were stirred up on social media.”

‘Death threats endured’

Mandy Hager continues: “And as someone who has endured reading death threats against Nicky on social media every time he produces something, I believe it is not merely irresponsible for Collins to speak in such a way, but also highly dangerous.

Judith Collins

“Is this really the kind of person we want running the country?

“Imagine how this kind of personal vendetta could play out if she were elected?

“Imagine if this comment was made against Jacinda Ardern, or the leader of a Muslim community, for instance.

“There is no doubt it would be taken seriously.

‘She should be warned this is inciting violence’

“I strongly believe she should be challenged on this, at the very least, and warned that this is inciting violence.

“I implore the media to think about the serious consequences of this kind of personal threat/attack and call her out.

“This is not okay.”

Small minded Judith canot see past her hopes of getting hold of power. Debate of any sort that disagrees with her is abused not addresed with intelegent responce. Is this who you would choose to represent you.

I agree. The police should be notified formally and she should be issued a warning about using hate speech and possibly inciting violence. Her comments may not be criminal but they indicate that she is as person who will say anything to garner support and will play to any crowd and pander to the lowest denominator she deems necessary. We desereve better thasn this in our leaders.

I also agree. The police should be involved. She tried to laugh it off this morning on morning report. It’s bad enough if I said that sort of thing but she wants to be prime minister. She could have quite easily incited some tosser to take her at her word.

Absolutely horrifying, terrifying and totally agree Ms Collins must be held accountable, incredulous to think this evil woman is wanting to lead the country.

I have been disgusted and quite shocked by her vile remarks, ‘put downs’ and absolute hatred. It’s abhorrent she takes delight knowing that someone tattooed their leg depicting Ms Collins aiming a hand gun expertly like a heartless assassin, says it all really.

Mandy, this is a disgraceful response from anyone who has their desire to lead the country. I was wondering if Jacinda could use it in tonight’s debate?

Love your brother Mandy. Collins is stuck in a bitchy 8-year-old mentality which never amused me as a child and less so now. She appeals to small unthinking brain waves and sadly we have more people who enjoy such toxicity.
kind regards Su

What exactly did she say? Personally I’ve been waiting for her to show her true colours. She was sacked by for being involved in hate campaigns with that ‘Whale Oil ‘ loopy.
Hopefully people see what a joke the National Party has become and that the “Tele tubbies” (I call them) are just two failures from the past with no clue of what this country needs to become.

Politicians from all parties are calling for a stop to the high rates of sexual and domestic violence in the country. Yet, as this comment by Judith Collins shows, parties, and individuals in them, have no idea about the causes of violence. Inciting violence against a journalist is an example of a high-ranking person – who should be a role model for her party’s polices – modelling violence and abuse. I know that Judith Collins will say I’m being hysterical, as she did on Radio New Zealand this morning. But it is this very enabling and modelling of violence across the political and social spectrum that contributes to New Zealand having the highest rates of domestic violence in the OECD.

Dear Mandy, The actions of CollIns are untenable.. The matter should receive as much negative media attention as Winston is receiving.over the NZ First Foundation.

Like all bullies, Collins is very good at dishing it out, yet clutches her pearls when the tables are turned. Her behaviour towards Nicky is appalling. She got caught out, end of story.

No it it wasnt okay.
Conduct un-becoming any mp let alone someone who aspires to lead this country.
Collins would be better suited as editor in chief and legal advisor of the BFD. They certainly need one

Take it a step further – imagine what a bunch of clowns NZers will look like to the World if Judith Wong -Tung were to turn up on the World Stage after the entire World has has shown so much respect and praise for Jacinda Ardern and even wanted her as their Leader. Judith Wong -Tung Collins is out of step and of another time. She is the epitome of evil.

I completely agree with you Mandy.

I know there are ex-SAS members who are very anti-Nicky Hager, who combined with various mental health issues as a result of their service overseas, do not need encouragement to put their resentment and paranoia into ‘action’.

Judith Collins is trying to secure the votes of those who feel ‘wronged’ and ‘outed’ by Nicky’s investigative journalism…. which reminds us of various countries / leaders we usually do not think NZ is similar to. The treatment of journalists by Russia, Egypt, and China are a few examples.

Let us also not forget that Britain / Australia / and the US, in their complicit if not direct support for the ongoing vilification, detention and punitive treatment of the Australian investigative journalist Julian Assange, set dangerous precedents.

We should all be vigilant against such political threats towards investigative journalists who are helping shed light on issues some would prefer to hide under the carpet. For the sake of us all.

Several of us are doing our best to have the media engage on this issue and I am awaiting a response from the NZ Police and Minister of Police both of whom I’ve contacted. Collin’s comments, if not criminal are deplorable. She is unfit for office.


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